Bresaola per passione dal 1967.

Gianoncelli, an history of passion, tradition and quality.

Salumificio Gianoncelli was born from the passion of Arturo Gianoncelli in the far 1967. It is specialized in producting Bresaola della Valtellina, a typical, unique and inimitable cold cut made with the best cuts of beef thigh. Today the company, which has the most modern production methods managed by a highly qualified and dedicated staff united by the same love for Bresaola, is managed by Arturo's son, Sergio. During the years, the thorough steady care of all the production stages to the distribution in the whole country and abroad has made the company acknowledged all over the world thanks to the high quality of its products.

The taste Queen.

Real Bresaola owes its highest quality to the choice of the best fresh meats obtained from specially selected adult cattle within French or Italian registered farms. The perfect and long seasoning as per tradition, in typical climatic conditions of the Valtellina and scrupulous checks during all the production phases contribute to making it a special product, unique in its kind with extraordinary organoleptic properties to respond to the requests of the most demanding palates.

The taste of freshness.

Valtellina's fresh air, natural and selected ingredients, dry and airy maturing make Bresaola di Valle a good and fragrant product. Low in fat and high in proteins, vitamins and mineral salts, Bresaola di Valle is perfect as a lead snack or a ingredient for tasty meals. Affordable product, it perfectly meet the nutritional demands from a healthy-diet oriented consumer.

Product range.

The Gianoncelli cured meat factory offers a complete range of cold cuts. They can be different on the basis of the bovine cut of origin, the specific seasoning and salting cycle and according to other technical parameters. In addition to the Bresaola, the heart of Gianoncelli production, we also find excellent products, the "fiocco" raw ham and speck, salami and cacciatorino.